Santa brought a drone this Christmas! Stay tuned for gallery updates as I put this into the nearest tree 🙂

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Summer vacation in Budapest. Third time I’ve been here but the first not for the Formula 1. Budapest is a lovely city and no doubt I’ll be back again for the Grand Prix in the future, though for this weekend I’ll have to make do with the Red Bull air race (pending the weather. It’s raining hard here this weekend!)

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Alsace urbex day



Another photo day, this time crawling around old hotels in the Alsace. See the trip reports here:

Hôtel Hercules – http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/fra-hotel-hercules/

Hotels unexplored – http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/fra-hotels-unexplored/

Colonial Hotel – http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/fra-colonial-hotel/

Brice Hôtel – http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/fra-brice-hotel/

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National Day – Switzerland

Photograph of the Schweizerbundestag Fireworks. Oddly, the fireworks occurred on the day before …  🙂


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Solar Eclipse 2015

Partial solar eclipse happened over Europe today and I managed to get a few photos.



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